Corona virus

Last update: 23-04-2020:

Last update: unfortunately, due to the emergency ordinance of March 27, we had to close the toilet buildings. At least until the 19th of May. We had taken all kinds of measures, but unfortunately this was decided for the whole of the Northern Netherlands.  NB: it is possible to empty your chemical toilet on the outside of the building. The chemical toilet is also open for campers.

We keep an eye on the news about the Corona virus daily and act where necessary. It Wiid follows the guidelines of the RIVM, the sector organization Recron and the authorities.

RIVM Guidelines

Consequences for our guests

There is currently no reason to avoid or cancel holidays. We are in close contact with the local authorities (GGD), the trade association and municipalities that keep us informed of (local) developments regarding the virus.Important to know: At this time, the Corona virus is no reason for cancellation and is not covered by the cancellation insurance. Costs of a cancellation are calculated according to the Recron conditions. You can find the conditions on the website of the Hiswa-Recron.



In order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, the Cabinet decided to also close the catering establishments. The restaurant will remain closed until further notice.
The supermarket and snackbar are open according to opening hours.

Question and answer

General situation

Q 1. Can I still go on a holiday because of the corona virus (COVID-19)?
Yes, we are still open. But it’s an understandable question. We understand that you want to go on a holiday without worries. We do our absolute best for this. Your holiday can still take place. 

Q 2. Which precautions does Camping It Wiid undertake to stop spreading the virus?
National policy is aimed at minimizing social contacts with others and guaranteeing (hand) hygiene. We follow this policy. Restaurant de Meerpaal remains closed until further notice. The supermarket and snackbar are open according to opening hours.


Changing and cancellation

At the moment we only give guests who have a reservation with arrival date before 19th of May, the possibility tot change their reservation. 

Q 3. My holiday is in the time period until the 11th of may. What if I want to change my booking to a different date? Of course we would love for all the holidays to continue as they are. But we understand that the circumstances are different now. Do you have a reservation with an arrival date until the 19th of May? And would you like to reschedule this? Please contact our reception to ask about the conditions. We cannot offer you a refund but you can change the arrival date of your existing reservation.
Q 4. My holiday is after the 19th of May. What if I would like to cancel my reservation?  At this moment all reservation that take place after the 19th of May cannot be cancelled if the COVID-19 virus is the reason. We ask you to be patient and wait for further developments. If you would still like to cancel your reservation, the general cancellation conditions are applicable. You can find these conditions on the website of the Hiswa-Recron.
Q5. I would like to make a reservation for the summer holiday. What are the rules regarding cancellation?
Please check: Corona; Was ist noch möglich?

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